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Trường THPT Chuyên Long An

Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút; không kể thời gian phát đề
Mã đề thi 452

Họ và tên thí sinh: ……………………………………………….
Số báo danh: ……………………………………………………..
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following
1. Just because you’re living in a concrete jungle in the sky ……… mean you’re in prison.
A. don’t
B. doesn’t
C. isn’t
D. aren’t
2. George saw Michelle in her new dress at the party. Choose the most suitable sentence to fill in the
blank in the following exchange.
- George: “……………….”
- Michelle: “Thank you for your compliment.”
A. You’ve done very well
C. This is a present for you
B. I’m glad that you’re well again
D. You look pretty in this dress
3. As you ……………. , the technology on the inside matches the brilliance of the exterior.
A. expected
B. would expect
C. are expecting
D. have expected
4. If you are ……………. with your goods, contact us within ten days of receipt, and we shall arrange
collection and refund your money in full.
A. not completely satisfied
C. not completely satisfactory
B. not completely satisfying
D. not satisfied completely
5. ………………. films about writers are so dull is that writers don’t dress up to practice their craft.
A. Everybody says B. One of the reasons C. It is often claimed D. Because
6. With ………….. 5,000 tigers remaining in the world today, time is quickly running out for this
beautiful animal.
A. As fewer than
B. so few as
C. not fewer than
D. as few as
7. This year it was ……. that many of our flowering plants die.
A. so a dry summer

C. so dry a summer

B. a so dry a summer

D. such dry a summer

8. You should always check the sell …… date of things you buy in the supermarket.
A. in

B. through

C. by

D. off

9. When the building was completed, all the workers were paid …….
A. off

B. through

C. out

D. over

10. The boss was good enough to …….. my mistake.
A. oversee

B. overtake

C. overdo

D. overlook

11. “You’re so lucky to be going abroad for a whole semester!”
“ ……., I’ll miss my friends and family”
A. That is

B. On account of that C. All the same

D. But despite

12. ……. , the balcony chairs will be ruined in this weather.
A. Leaving uncovered

C. Having left uncovered

B. Left uncovered

D. Were left uncovered

13. Start reading the story from page 4 and then go on until you …… the end of the chapter.
A. arrive

B. reach

C. touch

D. achieve

14. The whole purpose of all these exercises is to …….. your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
A. test

B. probe

C. investigate

D. interpret

15. A useful way to ……. your vocabulary is to read as much as possible.
A. amass

B. increase

C. collect

D. gather

16. The contestant …………. the most questions correctly wins the prize.
A. answering

C. which is answering

B. answered

D. who answering

17. You should read not only newspaper but also novels so that you can see examples of ……… language.
A. idiomatic

B. automatic

C. axiomatic

D. symptomatic

18. John: “Would you like to have a get-together with us next weekend?”
Anne: “ ………. ”
A. No, I won’t

C. Yes, I’d love to

B. No, I wouldn’t

D. Yes, let’s

19. I need to find some kind of chemical that will …… the weeds in the garden.
A. keep off

B. keep out

C. keep down

D. keep on

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is closest in
meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.
20. A conference was held in Geneva, laying down rules for the treatment and protection of the wounded
and the disaster-stricken.
A. establishing

C. cancelling

B. putting down

D. putting aside.

21. Help and supports are rapidly sent to wherever there are victims of catastrophe.
A. sudden great disaster

B. warfare

C. poverty and famine

D. diseases and illnesses.

22. The Olympic Games impressed sports enthusiasts with its spirit: solidarity, cooperation for peace and
A. had a favourable effect on

C. interested

B. amazed

D. created strong relation from.

23. You must answer the police’s questions truthfully; otherwise, you will get into trouble.
A. exactly as things really happen

B. with a negative attitude

C. in a harmful way

D. as trustingly as you can

24. My mom is always bad-tempered when I leave my room untidy.
A. feeling embarrassed

B. talking too much

C. very happy and satisfied

D. easily annoyed or irritated

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is
pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.
25. A. Courage
26. A. False

B. Honour
B. Talk

C. Favour
C. Fall

D. Labour
D. Fond

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose main stress is placed
differently from the others.
27. A. Assign
28. A. Disapprove
29. A. Distinguish

B. Famous
B. Accidental
B. Evidence

C. Mention
C. Corporation
C. Currency

D. Product
D. Proportion
D. Auditory

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct
answer to each of the questions from 30 to 39.
In the 20th century, magazines have been a major growth area of popular publishing. Specialist magazines
cater to every imaginable field and activity. In the United Kingdom, over 12,000 periodicals, magazines,
bulletins, annuals, trade journals, and academic journals are published on a regular basis. There are some 40
women’s magazines and over 60 dealing with particular sports games, hobbies, and pastimes. Although some
US magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post, has succumbed to the circulations, The Reader’s Digest
over 16 million, the National Geographic over 10 million. For many people, magazines have been the most
available and widely used form of continuing education, providing information about history, geography,
literature, science, and the arts, and as well as guidance on gardening, cooking, home decorating, financial
management, psychology, even marriage and family life.
Until the rise of television, magazines were the most available form of cheap, convenient entertainment in the
English-speaking world. Radio served a similar function, but it was more limited in what it could do.
Magazines and television, however, both address the more powerful visual sense. During the third quarter of
the 20th century, coincident with a dramatic rise in the popularity of television, many general-interest,
especially illustrated magazines went out of business. The shift in attention of a mass audience from reading
such magazines to watching television has been a major factor in this decline, but it is an implicit tribute to
the older genre that its programs are generally organized in a single format and content.
30. The word “it” in paragraph 2 refers to …………..
A. television
B. publishing
C. entertainment
D. radio
31. From the passage it can be inferred that …………..
A. movies have replaced magazines
B. the author is fond of magazines

C. Almost all magazines are printed in English
D. home decorating magazines are dramatic
32. According to the passage, which of the following magazines is no longer printed?
A. The Saturday Evening post
C. The Nation
B. The Reader’s Digest
D. The National Geographic
33. The word “circulations” is closest in meaning to …………..
A. The number of blood banks selling magazines
B. The number of readers of a magazines
C. The number of international magazines
D. The number of sold copies of a magazines

34. The passage implies that magazines ………….
A. are less visual than radio
C. influence television programs
B. put television out of business
D. have a limited range of subjects
35. Which of the following does the author describe as limited in what it could do?
A. radio
B. magazines
C. movies
D. television
36. The word “succumbed” means ………….
A. set up for
B. brought up to
C. taken up by
D. given in to
37. The passage mainly discusses …………….
A. the rise and fall of the radio business.
B. the growth and decline of magazines in the 20th century.

C. magazines and continuing education.
D. the decline of international circulation.
38. The phrase “every imaginable field” is closest in meaning to ……………
A. all imaginable fields in stories and poems
B. all images in a camera’s field of vision
C. all professions that one can think of

D. all trade journals about farming and psychology.

39. What does the author say about mass audiences?
A. They have little influence on communication in the 20th century.
B. They have gone out of business.
C. They get information about gardening and psychology from radio.
D. They have shifted their attention from magazines to television.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.
40. The camp on the inhospitable, mosquito-infested banks of the River Sekonyer, was set up to
track the primates and learn from their habitat, diet and behavior.
41. Woody Guthrie finally died, after a lengthy illness, in October 1967, but this project will help his
name live on, and perhaps provoke a revaluation about his influence on popular music in the
20th century.
42. Full-time jobs for men are declining, while more women are finding part- and full-time work.
The result is declining social status for men so they lose their role as the sole financial provider.
43. Aspen, where the limousines have four-wheel drive and an empty plot can cost ten million
dollars, has been declared the more expensive town in America.
44. Italian citizens lead their counterparts in the UK, France and Germany in supporting moves to
bring the service standards and practices of government’s departments closer to those achieved
by the best private sector companies.
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct
answer for each of the blanks from 45 to 54.
The point of Phobia Awareness Week is to highlight the difficulties that many people (45) ……… everyday
situations. It is important to distinguish between a fear and a phobia.
It’s (46) …... usual for all of us to have our own peculiar fears, for example, being anxious around snakes or
nervous about flying. However, only a very small proportion of us actually have a phobia of these things.
When these fears begins to (47) ……… you embarrassment or you feel that your life is being disrupted then
you would be wise to (48) ……. treatment for what could potentially be a phobia.
By far the most common phobia and potentially the most disruptive is agoraphobia. The word derives from
Greek and (49) ..….. means ‘fear of the marketplace’ but we apply to today to describe a distressing
(50) ……. in which people (51) …….. going outside because of the awful feelings of anxiety that arise.
Treatment of phobias usually consists of the patient (52) ………. behavioural therapy during which they
gradually get used to being near the object or the situation that causes them fear. Drugs may be (53) ………..
to treat anxiety and many people opt for alternative therapy such as acupuncture or hypnosis to help them
come to (54) ……….. with their fear and conquer it.
45. A. face
B. confront
C. meet
D. join
46. A. very
B. absolutely
C. quite
D. truly
47. A. cause
B. make
C. create
D. give
48. A. explore
B. hunt
C. search
D. seek
49. A. precisely
B. specifically
C. literally
D. exactly
50. A. illness
B. condition
C. disease
D. injury
51. A. dodge
B. avoid
C. miss
D. slip
52. A. undergoing
B. taking
C. experiencing
D. doing
53. A. released
B. issued
C. certified
D. prescribed
54. A. acceptance
B. terms
C. realization
D. comfort

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct
answer to each of the questions from 55 to 64.
The term “art deco” has come to encompass three distinct but related design trends of the 1920’s and 1930’s.
The first was what is frequently referred to as “zigzag moderne” –the exotically ornamental style of such
skyscrapers as the Chrysler Building in New York City and related structures such as the Paramount Theater
in Oakland, California. The word “zigzag” alludes to the geometric and stylized ornamentation of zigzags,
angular patterns, abstracted plant and animal motifs, sunbursts, astrological imagery, formalized fountains,
and related themes that were applied in mosaic relief and mural form to the exterior and interior of the
buildings. Many of these buildings were shaped in the ziggurat form, a design resembling an ancient
Mesopotamian temple tower that recedes in progressively smaller stages to the summit, creating a staircaselike effect.
The second manifestation of art deco was the 1930’s “streamlined moderne” style—a Futuristic-looking
aerodynamic style of rounded corners and horizontal bands known as “speed stripes.” In architecture, these
elements were frequently accompanied by round windows, extensive use of glass block, and flat rooftops.
The third style, referred to as “ international stripped classicism” also came to the forefront during the
Depression, a period of severe economic difficult in the 1930’s. This was a more conservative style, blending
a simplified modernistic style with a more austere form of geometric and stylized relief sculpture and other
ornament, including interior murals. May buildings in this style were erected nationwide through government
programs during the Depression .
Although art deco in its many forms was largely perceived as thoroughly modern, it was strongly influenced
by the decorative arts movements that immediately preceded it. For example, like “art nouveau” (1890-1910),
art deco also used plant motifs, but regularized the forms into abstracted repetitive patterns rather than
presenting them as flowing, asymmetrical foliage, Like the Viennese craftspeople of the Wiener Werkstatte,
art deco designers worked with exotic materials, geometricized shapes, and colorfully ornate patterns.
Furthermore, like the artisans of the Arts and Crafts Movement in England and the United States, art deep
practitioners considered it their mission to transform the domestic environment through well-designed
furniture and household accessories.
55. What aspect of art deco does the passage mainly discuss?
A. The influence of art deco on the design of furniture and household accessories
B. Ways in which government programs encouraged the development of art deco
C. Architectural manifestations of art deco during the 1920’s and 1930’s

D. Reasons for the popularity of art deco in New York and California
56. The word “encompass” in line 1 is closest in meaning to …………
A. separate

B. include

C. replace

D. enhance

57. The phrase “The first” in line 2 refers to …………..
A. the term “art deco”

B. design trends

C. the 1920’s and 1930’s

D. Skyscrapers

58. In line 8, the author mentions “an ancient Mesopotamian temple tower ” in order to ……….
A. describe the exterior shape of certain “art deco” buildings

A. explain the differences between ancient and modern architectural steles
B. emphasize the extent of architectural advances
C. argue for a return to more traditional architectural design
59. The streamlined moderne style is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT ………..
A. animal motifs

B. flat roofs

C. round windows

D. “speed stripes”

60. The phrase “came to the forefront” in line 15 is closest in meaning to …………..
A. grew in complexity

C. went through a process

B. changed its approach

D. became important

61. According to the passage, which of the following statements most accurately describes the relationship
between art deco and art nouveau?
A. They were art forms that competed with each other for government support during the Depression era.
B. They were essentially the same art form.
C. Art nouveau preceded art deco and influenced it.

D. Art deco became important in the United States while art nouveau became popular in England.
62. According to the passage, a building having an especially ornate appearance would most probably have
been designed in the style of ………….
A. zigzag modern

C. streamlined moderne

B. classical modern

D. the Arts and Crafts Movement

63. According to the passage, which of the following design trends is known by more than one name ?
A. Zigzag modern

C. Streamlined modern

B. International stripped classicism

D. Arts and Crafts Movement

64. The passage is primarily developed as …………….
A. the historical chronology of a movement
B. a description of specific buildings that became famous for their unusual beauty
C. an analysis of various trends within an artistic movement

D. an argument of the advantages of one artistic form over another
WRITING (2 points)
Part 1. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence
printed before it.
65. We last went abroad a long time ago.
We have not ……………………………………..
66. He didn’t study enough for his exams, so he failed two of them.
He didn’t study enough for his exams, which ……………………….
67. As it got darker, we had more difficulty seeing.
The darker it got, the harder …………………………..
68. They were looking for their lost dog all week.
They spent ……………………………………..
69. We had to go up the stairs because someone was using the lift.
The lift was ……………………………………………………
Part II. In about 140 words, write a paragraph about your future plans after you leave school.
…………. The end ………….